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Slots Machines— Introduction

No casino would be complete without the gleaming rows of the one-armed bandits. Slot machines have expanded from the original design to today's multiple offerings. Multi-line, video and poker slots have become the new favourites, making the slot machine one of the most popular games in the casino.

Among Internet casinos, online slots are also tops in popularity because of the huge, high-profile jackpots. Frequently casinos announce large winners on their slot machine games, with jackpots exceeding $1Million! You may say think, "Why would I want to play online slots when all I do is push a button?" The simple answer is, you can win the most money playing slots at an online casino than any other game!

Online Slots put you just a few clicks away from winning a large jackpot! There are very few gambling moments that compare with seeing the reels come into place and hearing the bells to signify a grand jackpot. Yes, just like in real casinos, online slots are programmed to go wild when a player hits it big.

Each reel has a number of symbols on it (varying depending on the machine), and pulling the lever causes the reels to spin quickly. When the reels slow, each will randomly display one of the symbols through a viewing window in the machine. Depending on the combination of symbols showing, the player will win different payout amounts, often many times the original bet.

Multi-line machines offer the additional attraction of multiple win lines. In a multi-line machine, the player can bet additional coins to activate extra lines, enabling them to win on multiple symbol combinations.

There are literally thousands of different types of slot machines, each offering their own exciting, fast-paced fun. Some may include mini-games, side bets or special jackpots. On the face of it these options seem endless,but deep down there are really only 3 basic types of slot machines: your traditional 3-reel slots, multi-line slots, and progressive slots.

3-Reel Slots - are the machines we all know and love. Since the very beginning, these types of slot machines have been popular the world over! They have 3 reels with a single payout line across the middle. They payout certain number of credits depending on which symbols appear on the pay line The amount of your winnings is listed for each combination (see example on right).

Multi-line Slots -allow you to choose the number of lines you wish to activate through your choice of the number of coins. They usually spot payout lines horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to give you more ways to win. This does not necessarily means you will win more money in total;-)

Progressive Slots - have a master jackpot counter that increases continuously. These can take the form of normal or multi-line slot machines. This special slot machine jackpot is hit at random by a lucky gamer, and can result in the largest of all the possible jackpots in a casino!

Most online casino's offer you a variety of different slot machines to play. They allow you to play for fun or for real money. If you're not familiar with a particular slot machine we recommend you play for fun first, until you get used to it's features. Then when you're ready start playing for real. After all the real excitement of playing slots is the chance of landing that big jackpot.

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